Who Are We?

img_0690Richmond Public Schools is participating in the Yale National Initiative to strengthen teaching in public schools®. We are currently building capacity for the creation of a Teachers Institute for ­Richmond.

This website includes information for administrators, teachers, and faculty and  interested in learning more about our local efforts and the Teachers Institute Approach.

Our 2020 Yale National Fellows are:

  • Ryan A. Bennett, John B. Cary Elementary School
  • LaKendra T. Butler, Elizabeth D. Redd Elementary School
  • Taryn Coullier, Elizabeth D. Redd Elementary School
  • Sabrina L. Evans, Southampton Elementary School
  • Danielle R. Houdek, Bellevue Elementary School
  • Andrew Maples, Armstrong High School
  • Tara McCrone, Chimborazo Elementary School
  • Valerie J. Schwarz, Mary Munford Elementary School